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Loved by 15,000+ change makers!
Loved by 15,000+ change makers!

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It all started ..

It all started ..

When I began my recovery 10 years ago. I was a master at neglecting my health and avoided paying attention to how I felt at all costs. I was working crazy hours in fast paced work environments and letting everything happen ‘to’ me without any idea of how to gain control of my own wellbeing. 

After doing my best to manage the emotional ups and downs that eventually came rushing to the surface, I decided to start journaling. This pivotal decision opened my eyes to the value of getting my thoughts down on paper and tracking the patterns that were showing up for me.

Soon I realized the thoughts and activities I was choosing were directly affecting my mood and energy throughout the day. It seemed obvious but was difficult to see until I looked at it from a different angle. Once I dialed into what worked best for me, I created a simple method to follow daily and adjusted when needed as time went on. 

I created the Day by Daybook® to share this method with you as you navigate change of any kind in your life. This practice has given me the perspective to overcome significant challenges and I know it will support you in achieving any goal you set out to accomplish.  

Our emotional health is the fuel for everything we do and when we take good care of ourselves from the inside out, our success is inevitable.



ps. this is me, on paper, 

I have over 20 years of HR and executive coaching experience working in fast paced companies such as Apple Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment, AKQA and Electronic Arts. I'm also an author and certified life and addiction recovery coach.

In addition to creating the Day by Daybook®, I'm the author of The Sober Leap, Practical Wisdom to Create an Amazing Life Beyond AddictionI'm the founder of Noelle Van LLC, offering coaching through change and transition and Sober Moxie, an online community that provides inspiration and coaching to women in recovery.




Ride the waves of change with the Day By Daybook®