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Loved by 15,000+ change makers!
Loved by 15,000+ change makers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried so many planners, why will this work for me?

The Day by Daybook® isn't just a planner; it's a journal, planner, and transformational tool rolled into one. Its unique method helps elevate your mood, energy, and motivation, making it stand out from the

What's the Day By Day™ Method?

Keeping it simple with just four steps: Track, Reflect, Adjust, and Create. As you track your daily data, you'll uncover patterns, identify pain points, and make daily adjustments, creating your personal formula for success.

What's the 90-Day Impact Guarantee?

Our products have a positive impact on your life in the first 90 days or you'll get your money back. Invest risk-free in your personal growth with a Daybook today.

YAY for free shipping! When will it get to me?

We process orders within 2 to 3 business days, excluding weekends and holidays. You'll receive a shipping notification and your order will arrive according to the timeline selected at checkout. Any delays due to order volume or external postal service issues will be promptly communicated.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

For more information on wholesale pricing please contact us at support@daybydaybook.com.

What’s the secret to a happy life?

Embracing change and taking that first step. So what do you say, let’s get started!

How will the Day by Daybook® support my mental health?

The Day by Daybook® offers you the handholds needed to take on any challenge while feeling your best. Our simple prompts guide you to self reflect and adjust thoughts and behaviors that are getting in the way of your mental and physical well being. Encouraging good vibes and positivity in all areas of your life.

How many months are in one Day by Daybook®?

Each daybook covers 3 months. We know how overwhelming annual planners can be and believe focusing on achieving short term goals and celebrating those quick wins encourage you to maintain the positive vibes to support your continued success.

What is unique about the Day by Daybook® design?

We designed the Daybook to maximize your time and decrease your overwhelm. No more crowded pages and excessive questions asking you everything under the sun.

Our clean design gives you the space you need to capture the basics in just a few minutes a day, connect the dots and create your personal formula for success.

What sets the Teen Daybook apart from other planners or journals out there?

We get that teen life is challenging and feelings can be tricky as you grow into adulthood.

The Teen Daybook helps reduce anxiety and depression by giving you the space and encouragement to express yourself and better understand what’s going on inside.

As your trusted side kick, it helps you navigate the hard days while learning how to ask for what you need to feel your best every day.


Is the Teen Daybook best for early or late teens?

The Teen Daybook is suitable for all teens. From the middle school classroom to college campuses this precious little gem is a ‘must have’ to ride the ups and downs of life and take on new beginnings of any kind.

Does the Classic Daybook have room for goal setting and take action?

That’s the beauty of the Daybook, along with the simple method that helps you manage your daily wellness, there is ample room to jot down to dos, goals, actions and wins along the way. Keeping you energized and motivated to face any challenge.

Is the Classic Daybook suitable for any life change?

Yes, if you or someone in your life is experiencing any life change that is not recovery/sobriety related or teen specific, the Classic version is your best choice.

Is Daybook Recovery for me if I am newly sober or only for long term recovery?

The Recovery Daybook is designed to meet you where you are on your sober journey, whether you're a newbie or have several years under your belt. It's the perfect guide to help you rock every day with greater balance, strength, and clarity.

How will the Recovery Daybook help me get through early recovery?

The Recovery Daybook provides exercises and reflection prompts tailored to change your mindset and bring more calm to the chaos, helping you develop those healthy habits needed for sustainable sobriety.

Can I send a gift card with my order?

Yes, we offer gift cards! Learn more by clicking the gift card link at the bottom of our site!

How can I make my Daybook gift extra special? 

Gift a year of empowerment to a friend or loved one with our Day By Daybook® Bundle. This bundle includes four 90-day journals, designed to help them navigate every day with confidence, creativity, and self-expression.

Support their journey and foster positive growth throughout the year!

What if I want to get a year of Daybooks all at once?

We got you! Get 30% savings when you order our 1 year bundle! It includes four (4) 90-day journals, each guiding you through daily reflection, mood tracking, and goal-setting.

Placing your feet firmly on the road to success!

Still need help?

We've got you! Drop us a note below and we'll get back to you within 2 business days. Thanks for reaching out!

Ride the waves of change with the Day By Daybook®