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Loved by 15,000+ change makers!

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Overcoming anxiety in uncertain times

Overcoming anxiety in uncertain times

When we experience a shift in our lives, stress can surface pretty quickly. There are many things you can incorporate into your daily routine to lower your anxiety in times of change and uncertainty and they don't have to be overcomplicated. In fact, they can be very simple. Here are four of my favorites.

Breathe. Take a moment to sit and notice your breath. Our breath becomes shallow when we are experiencing anxiety, so allow yourself to take deep, slow breaths to reach a greater state of calm.  

Simply Move. Exercise is a key component to maintaining well-being. We hold emotion in our bodies, so the more you move, the more it can flow up and out. Even if it’s a 20 min walk every day, it will do wonders for your emotional and physical well-being.

Manage your Thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole of ‘what ifs”. Stay realistic about the situation. When a negative thought comes up, replace it with a more positive perspective about the situation.

Create Routine. Developing a daily routine is important especially in challenging times. Whether it’s a meditation, yoga or simply breakfast with the kids, make it a practice. Establishing predictability sets you up for success throughout the day.

Some of this sounds basic but we often forget the simple things that can make a big difference when navigating the unknown.

Tracking how you feel on a daily basis is key in maintaining balance in times of change. Let the Day by Daybook support your daily mood, energy and mindset, allowing you to create your personal formula for success along the way.