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Loved by 15,000+ change makers!

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The myth of not measuring up.

The myth of not measuring up.

What if I were to tell you that it’s all a myth?

That this daily struggle to feel good enough, to prove yourself, to gain success and show the world you can take it all on so that you can finally feel worthy is nothing but a colossal lie.

Would you believe me?

The truth is, this game we’ve been playing has all been based on a reality we’ve created in our own minds. There are no accolades, titles, social circles or relationships that are going to give you what you need to find joy in this life.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, how much weight you lose, or how many people look to you for the answers. At the end of the day, the only thing that makes a stitch of difference in how you feel about yourself is the acceptance that comes from within. I know, that’s the rub. It’s like getting the keys to the kingdom without a clue of where to find the door.

It’s confusing to say the least and forces us to face the uncomfortable fact that no one wants to hear. That the real answer is not in the struggle, it’s in the surrender. It turns our idea of how this whole thing works completely on its head.

This may come as a huge relief to some but to a majority of us it can feel overwhelming. It requires a complete shift in how we view ourselves and show up in the world.

After all, we’ve been dancing with adversity for a long time. As high achieving women, we have the ability to take on multiple challenges at any given time. We are relentless doers and in order to overcome these obstacles, we figure we can just increase our activity and accomplishments.

But this is not about doing. It’s about finding your true grit.

This requires you to redirect the energy you’re putting into making things happen externally and focusing it inward. In essence, taking control of how you experience your life from the inside out.

We do this by asking ourselves the tough questions. Sitting with uncomfortable feelings when things don’t go our way, getting curious about what’s coming up for us and learning from the lessons life is presenting to us in every experience we have.

The challenge we face is not only shifting our perception of what’s possible but overcoming the pressure that tempts us to hide our power – all the while, dancing as fast as we can.

For those of us seeking meaning outside of ourselves, we know firsthand the effects these feelings of powerlessness have on our health and happiness and the stress associated with this has the power to take us down.

It’s time to start giving ourselves the support we need. Taking pause from the chaos of our lives and inviting in those profound moments we can only find on our own, to recognize our strength.

It’s in these moments, we find our true brilliance..