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Loved by 15,000+ change makers!

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Feelings as teachers.

Feelings as teachers.

Well, let’s just say over these past few years, change has become the new norm. The minute we adjust to something new, another shift comes our way and it’s time to do it all over again.

When these shifts happen, we can feel uncomfortable and thrown off our game. Since it’s human nature to avoid discomfort – it’s no wonder we often ignore our feelings by distracting ourselves or paying attention to the things we think we can control.

The truth is, acknowledging your feelings is the key to overcoming any challenge. Bringing feelings up and out help you work through them and continue to move forward.

Think of feelings as your teachers. They tell you where you need to focus your attention. Whether it’s a conversation you need to have, a thought you could reframe or an adjustment that needs to be made. The feeling will typically guide your next steps.

In the midst of change, you may not be able to put our finger on how you’re feeling, so taking a few minutes to check in with yourself is the first of the following 3 steps to get you there:

Step 1 – Check in with yourself for 5 minutes in the morning, mid-day and evening.

Step 2 – Write down a few words to describe how you’re feeling during those times. It could be sad, anxious, anger, tired, happy, overwhelmed etc.. you name it.

Step 3 – Question why you think a particular feeling is coming up and determine what action you may need to take as a result. Sometimes it’s ok to just sit with it and take no action at all. Do what feels right in the moment.

Beginning the practice of checking in for just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference in how you take care of yourself in times of change.