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Loved by 15,000+ change makers!
Loved by 15,000+ change makers!
What motivates you? Take our quiz to find out

What motivates you? Take our quiz to find out

In times of change, it super important to concentrate on the daily behaviors that elevate your mood and energy levels.  I find three categories of motivators to be  most common when working with my clients and I call them Drive Types.

Your Drive Type identifies what typically motivates you, why you make certain choices and where you may get stuck. Although you may be drawn to more than one of these types, you likely have a dominant one, based on your personality and preference. 

Especially when writing in your Daybook, it’s so helpful to understand what motivates you. This insight, along with the patterns that show up in our daily and weekly pages, guide you to choose thoughts and rituals that are more likely to support your success over time. 

Let’s look at the three Drive Types and tips to maximize your energy:


If you have a THINK drive type, your thoughts are what motivate you and you’re in your head most of the time. In order to elevate your mood and energy,  concentrate on positive thinking along with your other rituals throughout the day.

If you’re an introvert, you often fall within this category and really need time to yourself to elevate your mood and recharge your energy.

Since our thoughts create feelings, movement is important to incorporate into your day and bring your feelings up and out. We hold stress and trauma in our bodies so the more activity you incorporate this into your day the better to balance out your more cerebral side. 


If you have a MOVE drive type, you are motivated more by activity and movement. Exercise lifts you up and breaking a sweat is the best way for you to get out of a funk.

Since you will likely have daily movement covered, make sure you don’t neglect managing your thoughts and those moments of down time needed to reconnect with yourself. Self-care is critical for you, especially post activity to help you relax and recharge.


If you have a CONNECT drive type, you get your energy by socializing with others and being within community.

With that said, finding time to come back into balance at the end of a busy day is the key to success. Taking pause to quiet your mind and manage your thoughts is critical in keeping your energy and mood high. Be sure to incorporate activities that bring you joy, peace and spiritual connection in whatever form that works best for you.

So, which Drive Type best describes you? To find out, take our short quiz below!

Check in with yourself from time to time to see if your Drive Type changes. 

Drive Type Quiz

When I’m having a bad day I:

A. Take a walk.
B. Try to look on the bright side.
C. Call a friend or family member.
I get anxious when I am:

A. Not exercising
B. Thinking about negative outcomes
C. Feeling isolated and alone.

When I am feeling vulnerable or stressed out:
A. I get outside and explore nature
B. I retreat and become anti-social.
C. I seek support so I can talk about it.

Before getting sober I would:
A. Try to stay active to feel better.
B. Hear a voice in my head telling me to stop.
C. Talk with friends or family about it.

I feel most joyful when I am:
A. Feeling physically strong and in good shape.
B. Meditating or writing.
C. Out with a group, at a party or event.

I feel most at peace after:
A. I’ve broken a sweat
B. I have quieted the voices in my head.
C. I’ve had a good conversation.

I get most triggered when:
A. I don’t feel strong or physically capable.
B. I think about the past.
C. I feel others disapproval.

I am most motivated by:
A. A good workout
B. Listening to something inspirational.
C. Other people’s stories.

I get my energy from:
A. Hiking or biking
B. Reading a good book
C. My family

When I am stressed out I:
A. Go to an exercise or yoga class
B. Go over the day’s events in my head
C. Meditate 

Calculate the total number you chose A, B and C and write them below.

A = ___  B = ___ C=___

If you score highest in A, your dominate drive type is Move

If you score highest in B, your dominant drive type is Think

If you score highest in C, your dominant drive type is Connect

You may have a score that reflects you have a mix of drive types. Not to worry. This exercise is only meant to provide you with some insight into what typically motivates you or keeps you energized.

As a reminder, we are always in a state of change. So, paying attention to what motivates you as time goes by is the best way to stay charged up and feeling your best throughout the day!