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Supporting 15,000+ change makers!
8 Things to Remember During any Life Change

8 Things to Remember During any Life Change

I recently shared the highlights of my recent roadtrip back to CA that had shall we say, a few twists and turns – in this weeks episode of Journeys Through Change. 

Below are 8 things to keep in mind during any life change – but particularly when facing stress, anxiety or adversity.

1 – If things are seeming to fall into place effortlessly, pay attention, you are likely on the right track! 

2 – Pay attention to your energy at all times and surround yourself with others who support your success every step of the way.

3 – Remain open to the ups and downs and remember that adversity is meant to make you stronger and more capable of handling anything life throws your way.

4 – Listen to your intuition. It is always good to recognize when your instincts are guiding your next steps. Stay with it and it will rarely steer you wrong.

5 – Pick yourself up when feelings of fear or anxiety surface and make self care your top priority.

6– It’s all about perspective, When your mind starts to play tricks on you and leaves you feeling helpless, reframe your thinking and keep your head in the game.

7 – Keep a look out for turnarounds. Things can happen in a split second that change the way you feel about your luck in any situation and can bring a new sense of gratitude you didn’t see coming. 

8 – When you want to give up, dig deep and re-focus on the outcome. This will show the universe you are serious about your success in any given situation. 

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