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Loved by 15,000+ change makers!

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Finding faith in yourself again.

Finding faith in yourself again.

Most of us hold ourselves to a certain degree of decorum in all of our relationships. We strive to extend love and be non-judgmental, compassionate and honest and although we may not always get it right, we do our best to remain conscious of this intention most of the time.

But, when it comes to demonstrating this same courtesy to ourselves, it’s far more difficult. Time and again, we fall short of upholding the same set of expectations and end up dishonoring ourselves in either our thoughts, beliefs or actions. As we’ve grown to experience life with all of its nuance, we’ve simply become hard wired to cast doubt on our own capabilities and neglect to put ourselves first.

Even though we know logically how important it is to respect ourselves, we’re often side tracked by outside influences or learned beliefs that cause us to immediately jump to self-judgment.

We were born into this world in perfect form but as time and experience mold us, we begin to form new beliefs that often cloud our vision of ourselves. As we all know in this life, we don’t always get served what we thought we ordered and even when we do, the end result often fails to meet our expectations. As a result, belief in our own capabilities begins to weaken.

This is why challenging the thoughts and beliefs we’ve formed over the years that undermine our true sense of self is so vitally important.

The next time a thought comes to mind that you’re not good enough, STOP and remind yourself of 3 areas of your life where you show up and make a difference. Recognizing your contribution to the world shifts your perception and builds confidence. Make this a practice, whenever a negative thought about yourself comes to mind. Disproving these theories help you form a new habit of recognizing the real you through your own skepticism.

This is the first step in peeling away the layers of lies that have cast a shadow over your belief in yourself.

Inviting you to find faith again.