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Loved by 15,000+ change makers!

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Have Your Own Back

Have Your Own Back

Most of us strive to extend love and compassion toward others. Although we may not always get it right, we do our best to remain conscious of this intention at all times.

But, when it comes to demonstrating this same courtesy to ourselves, it can be more difficult. Often times, we end up dishonoring ourselves in either our thoughts, beliefs or actions.

In the midst of change, having self-compassion and refraining from inner judgement can often be difficult and those are the times when we need it the most.

Here are 3 simple ways to become your own ally in times of change.

  • Celebrate your strength. Think of an obstacle you have overcome in the past and what you learned about yourself. Your resilience, sense of humor, strength, flexibility? Whatever it was, acknowledge and celebrate it as something that makes you uniquely you. 
  • Find the lesson in the midst of the chaos. Every obstacle is a muscle building exercise, making you more powerful every time. This newfound confidence decreases negative self-talk and strengthens your faith in yourself.
  • Concentrate on the solution. This puts emotion aside and makes you less susceptible to doubt and those self-deprecating beliefs you have about yourself that are simply not true.

We all know in life there are no guarantees so make the commitment to do what you can to have your own back.